About Us

Tap2Open was founded out of frustration. 

Our founder, Mark, lives in South Florida, where many of the neighborhoods are gated. After waiting at a friend’s gate many times, he thought there must be a better way…

As an electrical engineer, he envisioned a modern gate system, where guests could let themselves in, rather than waiting for the guard or resident. Then he set out to build the Tap2Open system

Over time, customers asked for more features. A keypad for guests without smartphones. A guard solution for communities with guards. Keycards for residents. And now, integration with token based systems to make it easy to administer existing systems.

Through hard work and valued customers, the team and product have grown into the most efficient and complete gate access system available today.


2234 N. Federal Hwy. #447

Boca Raton, FL 33431

Phone: 561-740-OPEN (6736)

Email: sales@tap2open.com

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