Tap2Open Markets and Uses

Tap2Open can be used to open virtually any electronic gate or lock. Here are some of best uses of our technology:

Gated Communities

Apartment Buildings

Wired intercoms are expensive to install and repair. Remotes and RFID tags need to be administered and are expensive to replace. With Tap2Open, residents and invited guests can let themselves into gated parking areas and apartment buildings using their phone! Why install intercoms or callboxes when residents and guests are carrying around smartphones? Save money and let residents use their phone as a remote!

Reduce Costs:


Simplify Administration:


Increase Convenience:


Parking Lots


Tap2Open can be used by marinas to control access to parking, amenities, and individual piers.  This is ideal for owners, guests, and transient boats.  Consider this:

Self Storage Facilities

Tap2Open can be used by self storage facilities to control access to the property and individual buildings. Here are some of the advantages for property owners and tenants:

RV/Mobile Home Parks

Tap2Open can be used by RV Parks to control access to parking and amenities.  This is ideal for owners, guests, and transient RV’s.  Consider this:

Co-Working Spaces

Tap2Open is ideal for co-working spaces, where a large number of guests is common.  Consider these benefits:

Professional Practices with After Hours Clients

Tap2Open is ideal for professional practices, where a large numbers of clients are common.  Consider these benefits:

Secured Doors

Tap2Open is ideal for places like warehouses or cell towers, where many different vendors may need access at different times, but you don’t want to give out a universal code. Since access can be granted for one time, or for a time period, this provides the needed flexibility and control. Since each entry is logged, reports can show who access the facility during any given time period. Plus, since the system is cloud based, access can be revoked at any time.

Short Term Rentals/Vacation Rentals

Tap2Open offers a great set of features for short term vacation rentals…Use Tap2Open invitations for guests to gain vehicle access to the property. This eliminates calls from customers arriving after hours asking how to get in. The invitation can be sent well in advance of a guest’s stay. In addition, if plans change, an invitation can be changed in seconds.

With our FOB’s & keycards, unit owners can leave keycards in their units for guests. The cards can be used to control access to amenities like the clubhouse, pool and fitness center. Guests can simply return them to the unit at the end of their stay. If a card is lost, a new one can by easily programmed and the lost card can be expired.

In addition, access to certain areas can be automatically limited by time. For example the pool can remain closed overnight, even if the guest has a key card.

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