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Tap2Open is revolutionizing gate access with our smartphone invitation system for guests. In addition to smartphone entry, Tap2Open offers several additional modules and access technologies to offer customers a complete suite which can meet all of a communities access needs. We now offer: 

Works with Existing Gate Technologies

Tap2Open can work as an add-on to existing systems, enhancing your current system by bringing smartphone access to guests and residents. We can work alongside existing systems like:

So residents don’t lose any of their current access methods, but can now use smartphone functionality.

If you’re looking to replace or enhance your callbox or reduce guard costs, click here

Tap2Open can manage many other systems

In addition to the add-on functionality offered by Tap2Open (see below), T2O can now interface with many other access systems.  We can work with “token-based systems” like barcode scanners, remotes, and RFID systems. Essentially anything with an RS-232, RS-485 or Wiegand interface. With this new functionality, administrators can manage key functionality for all of these systems through our easy-to-use browser interface. This means that the community can administer all access, see all invitations and get usage logs in one place! 


Modern Visitor Processing
A complete cloud-based entrance system for communities with guards

Dealing with an old PC based gate system from decades ago? Time to upgrade?

SmartGuard is designed to replace your old, outdated PC-based guard system with a modern, cloud-based system. It assists your security personnel in making quick and informed decisions on both scheduled and unregistered guests at guarded points of entry. This results in a more seamless entry process for visitors. The system works on smartphones, tablets and PC’s (anything with a web browser), offering you complete flexibility.

Tap2Open SmartGuard securely expedites the entry process for vendors and guests of residents in communities with manned gates. Residents can schedule and send invitations to their guest’s from their smartphone or PC. Waiting in line to be cleared by the guard is a major inconvenience for your guests and a complete waste of time. With Tap2Open, guests with invitations can go directly through the (resident) gate without waiting for the guard!

If a guest doesn’t have an invite or is required by the community to check in with the guard, guards are able to quickly search through all active invitations by resident name, address, or guest name. After the invite and visitor have been confirmed, guards can grant access to guests at the touch of a button. In the event of a surprise or unregistered visit, guards can search the community database to contact a resident. Guards can even schedule guest invitations on the behalf the of the residents.

Through smart design, the system also has many more advanced features… 

  • Invitations and entries can be viewed immediately by guards at all gates
  • Works offline, so if the internet connection fails, the guard can see all invitations
  • Supports custom data collection (license number, car make and model, etc.)
  • Supports phonetic searches (it will find the name even if spelled incorrectly)
  • Guards can open any gate
  • Works seamlessly with both guarded and non-guarded gates
  • Unmanned gates can be closed to visitors at certain times
  • Tap2Open can be used to replace guards or eliminate shifts during slow periods
  • A license scanner has been integrated so that drivers license details can be collected on guests without data entry by the guard

SmartGuard works on any device with a web browser, making it ideal for communities with multiple entry points, roving guards and remote access. Because it is cloud-based, no IT support is required, and the system is always up to date.

For communities with multiple entrances, Tap2Open makes entry much more convenient for guests. Because guests let themselves in, gates that
were only for residents now can be utilized by guests. Because some guests will use alternate entrances, the lines for any unannounced guests will be much shorter, too.

Delivery drivers (and guests) are sometimes routed to unmanned gates that they cannot use. Unfamiliar with the area, sometimes the drivers will try to enter through the exit and end up popping their tires! With Tap2Open, the drivers would be able to use back gates as well. They could open the gate themselves when they arrive!

Smart. Seamless. Secure

Smart Keypads

Send your Guests a Temporary Access Code in Seconds

Tap2Open’s Smart Keypad allows residents to include a unique and temporary PIN code in invitations sent to guests who may not have a smartphone, or to vendors with rotating staff. Unlike other entry systems with PIN code access, Tap2Open’s Smart Keypad solution creates a unique random code for each guest. Each code is tied to a Tap2Open invitation, and follows the rules set by the resident such as schedules and accessible entrances. The code will automatically expire with the invitatiion. Access can also be instantly revoked or modified in seconds. The codes can also be more than 4 digits (length determined by the community), Think smart passwords vs. 1234!

Download the following documents to learn more:


For residents on foot, we now offer FOB’s and keycards. These are typically used by residents to enter building entrances, amenities like pools or gyms, or pedestrian gates. They can also be used for docks, self storage access and more! FOB readers are built into our Smart Keypads, and we also offer stand-alone FOB/keycard readers. While these same entrances can be opened via smartphone by residents and guests (as permitted), some residents prefer to have a simple way to open the door without carrying their phone.

RFID Vehicle Scanner

Let Residents Cruise Right In

For residents looking for the ultimate in convenience, we now offer a RFID vehicle scanner. With this option, when residents approach the gate, the gate will automatically open! Residents put a small RFID tag on their windshield (like automatic highway tolling), and when they get  close to the gate, the scanner reads the tag, and the gate opens. This is the latest technology and has largely replaced barcode scanners.  Its also much more economical than a barcode scanner. Issuing and deleting the RFID tags is very simple from within Tap2Open. Adding a tag takes a mere seconds! Tap2Open can also work with existing RFID systems.

License Plate Cameras

Capture the License Plate of Every Vehicle Entering the Community and Automatically Open the Gate!

For communities looking for a higher level of security, we now offer a license plate camera software. With this option, the license plate of every vehicle entering the community will be captured. When a resident approaches the gate, the gate will automatically open! This eliminates the need for a barcode reader or RFID system. For incoming guests, it will record the guest’s license plate to the visitors’ log. This will allow a manager or guard to search for that license plate. If someone parks where they shouldn’t and needs to move, you’ll know who to contact to move the vehicle. In addition, after coming in a few times, the system will also be able to open the gate automatically for returning guests (as long as their invitation is still valid).


Add Tap2Open Functionality to Existing Systems

Tap2Open has a series of API’s which allow our functionality to by integrated with other systems. Contact us to discuss your needs. We can provide complete documentation.


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