Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Tap2Open is uniquely designed for shared entrances and visitation.
– Other systems use an app. This is a major inconvenience when inviting a guest. Tap2Open requires no app installation or setup. It simply works.
– Unlike systems designed for a single family, Tap2Open was designed for entire neighborhoods. Each resident can invite guests, but residents can only see the information they should access. For example residents can see the logs of their visitors, but they can not see the logs of other residents. 
– Tap2Open includes a sophisticated and easy-to-use management system for managing residents of a shared property. This management system can see all of logs as well as control the access all residents.
– Access to individual entrances can be easily controlled by the community. For example access to shared property facilities such as a gym or swimming pool can be enabled or disabled by the community as they see fit. This allows communities to collect revenue for easy access to these facilities.

Tap2Open works with any GPS enabled smartphone. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry work just fine. For guests without smartphones, a) offer an optional keypad, or b) they can just call the resident, and the resident can “buzz them in.”

There is no software to install for the community as a whole, its residents, or their guests.

Entrances can be designated guest only, resident only, or generally available. Additionally entrances can be programmed with a schedule (for example, guests can only use unmanned gated during the day). Furthermore access to entrances can be restricted to certain residents and guests. This allows communities to precisely control the flow of traffic.

If the power fails and your entrance equipment is not on battery backup then residents and guests are notified that there is an issue and provided with instructions for alternative entry. If your entrance equipment has a battery backup our hardware can be wired to use the backup battery as well. Guests can see if there is a problem with a gate as soon as they are invited so they can plan ahead. Also typically gates are programmed to stay open during a power failure.

Yes, but we can provide it. The controller can be fitted with a cellular modem, or use 802.11 (WiFi), or an external Ethernet extender can be used. Alternatively the controller can be installed at a more convenient location by using an RF repeater for the dry contacts. Our hardware can use a Cat5 cable, WiFi or a cellular modem, so we can work in pretty much any situation.

You don’t. We have apps that residents can use that make things a little simpler. But all of the functionality is available on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Anything with a web browser. Guests don’t need apps at all. There are both iOS and Android apps.

Usage Questions

Yes. At the option of the community residents can use their phones to open the gate even if they are not at the gate (or even the community). A resident can open the gate for a guest from anywhere worldwide. If a guest shows up unannounced, they simply call the resident on their phone, and the resident can buzz them in. Who needs a callbox?

A single action will disable access for all residents in a household as well as any guests they may have invited. Access can also be temporarily disabled.

As many as necessary. Each controller can control up to 4 entrances. An installation may have as many controllers as necessary. For dense installations additional relays may be added to the controller with an expansion module.

As part of the standard service three years worth of data is kept. The controller doesn’t require any memory for event storage.

Tap2Open can create a PIN which corresponds to an invitation. This can be sent via email, text, or verbally communicated to the guest over the phone.

If a resident doesn’t have a smartphone they can use their computer or tablet to generate PIN codes for themselves and/or their guests. In the rare instance where a resident doesn’t own a computer the management company, guard, or system administrator could create a PIN code for them and/or their guest(s).

Like any guest you can send delivery drivers an invitation via text or email. Many apps have the functionality to contact the driver (Like Uber or PostMates). Alternatively, delivery drivers generally have a cell phone with them and a number they’ve been told to call if there is a problem. The driver can call the resident and the resident could then use the resident access feature to buzz the driver in. 

Under a person’s Amazon account, there is a section for specific delivery instructions, too, so the driver knows how to leave a package. The user could put a PIN code in there (with the keypad option).

Here is a document with specific instructions… 

The length of the PIN code is determined by the manager/association. A longer code is more secure. Depending on the size of the community we recommend 5 (for a few hundred users) to 7 (for thousands of users) digits.

Not easy. Our system generates the codes rather than the users using a patented algorithm that ensures they are difficult to guess. Additionally codes can have a maximum lifetime specified by the community (although overrides are possible by management).

Unlike conventional callboxes, with Tap2Open shared PINs really aren’t much of a problem. PINs correspond to invitations. So if you send someone an invitation for the day it will work for the day, if you send it for a week it will work for a week, etc…So if a resident makes an invitation that only lasts a week in a week the code no longer works! Also, the manager can run a report to see how often a PIN (or all PIN’s) are being used. If they suspect abuse, they can cancel the code and generate a new one. For a resident without a phone they might want to make themselves a year long invitation so they can memorize the code but keep invitations for others to a shorter duration.

Yes! We’ve added a resident directory function. The community posts a sign at the gate with a QR Code and a note telling the guest to scan the QR Code. The guest then gets a a resident listing and can call the resident! Click here for more information.

Tech Questions

Because Tap2Open is cloud based there are no servers to setup or configure. Property managers can manage the system from anywhere.

Nope! All of the data is stored off site. If a controller is damaged, vandalized, or destroyed the access logs will still be available and viewable. Of course access to the entrances attached to that controller won’t be possible. However once an RMA is quickly shipped to you replacement is very simple. Even the device configuration is kept off site and need not be entered into a replacement device.

You Betcha! Tap2Open is designed for installations of all shapes and sizes.
– The system is not limited to a single controller. The cloud-based nature of the system means that any number of our controllers can participate at a community. For very large communities spanning large distances this simplifies the installation and increases reliability (for example 3 entrances on different streets).
– Tap2Open interfaces with most brands of video recorder hardware ensuring that license places are captured during gate entry.
– The RGO-7747 controller can be powered from a wide range of options. Often obtaining backup power from the same source as the gate actuator.
– The RGO-7747 is robust and designed for outdoor installation.
– Multiple connectivity options are available to simplify installation

Sales Questions

We don’t think so! Instead of buying expensive hardware, our solution mainly works as a SaaS offering. This means your neighborhood pays a low monthly fee for the service. Some optional add-on hardware may need to be purchased (keypads, keycards, FOB’s, etc.). This reduces startup out of pocket costs dramatically.

Installation is fairly simple, and is usually performed by your gate maintenance company. We have written instructions for them and are happy to walk them through the installation. Since every installation is different speak with them about installation costs.

Its pretty simple. We ask you to fill out a spreadsheet with the “head of household” for each unit. We then upload that into the system. After that, each household can create new users and self manage. We also send out  a welcome email with user guides. We also offer training classes.

Contact us! We will listen to you to understand your needs. Then we will recommend the right configuration for you. Also, the system was designed for flexibility; it can work stand alone, or alongside many other systems. So you’ll gain cellphone functionality, but you won’t lose anything that you’re currently using.

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