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January 19, 2023 – Most gated communities with callboxes have a keypad at the gate for entry.  This is usually for service people or guests that need entry without the owner opening the gate. The big problem is that gate codes can be shared. Which means that it is very easy for people to get in, which defeats the point of having a gate! In most cases, it is also difficult to change the gate code. Which means the codes don’t get changed, which means that more and more people know how to get in. Lastly, since the codes are being shared, you don’t know who is using it or how many times it has been used! With most callboxes, the pin codes are only 4 digits long, which means its fairly easy to guess a PIN that works. Worse, residents often create an easy to remember code like 1234 or 5555.  That makes it even easier to guess!

Tap2Open has solved the problem of gate code sharing! With Tap2Open, each gate code that is generated is unique to a specific invitation. That code will only work during the times specified in the invitation, and then it can no longer be used. So for example, if you made an invitation for tomorrow, the code would only work tomorrow!

In addition, the codes can be any length that the community wants. For example 6 or 7 digits instead of 4. The longer the code, the harder to guess. Further, with Tap2Open, the system generates a random number to make it more difficult to guess.

To learn more about our keypads and codes download our whitepaper. 


March 1, 2022 – Florida Community Association Journal magazine announced the 2022 Readers’ Choice Award winners in the March issue. The recipients were chosen by readers. Tap2Open has been named a Gold Level Winner in the Safety & Security Category. Thanks to our customers for voting for us!

The FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards is a unique recognition program that shines a spotlight on the positive and productive contributions of community association service providers throughout Florida. Awards are presented to companies that demonstrate, through their commitment to the community associations they serve, an exemplary level of proficiency, reliability, fairness, and integrity. The FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards is an annual recognition program that debuted in 2014.


The Pay Phone is Dead. The Callbox is next.

May 25, 2022 – Recently, the NY Post reported that the last working payphone has been removed from New York City. Payphones, which were ubiquitous 30 years ago, have been replaced by the cellphone. People who want to call someone now carry a phone in their pocket, so they don’t have to stop at an inconvenient location, which was often noisy, and pay to make a call. Now most everyone can call someone from anywhere at any time.

Tap2Open brings the same convenience to gated communities. With Tap2Open guests can open the gate themselves with their smartphone. If an unannounced visitor shows up, they simply call the resident, and the resident can admit the guest with a button on their smartphone. No longer does a guest have to pull up to a callbox in the heat, rain or snow, lookup a resident  and wait for the person to answer. 

So long callbox…you will not be missed!

Looking at Gate Access Systems that use Bluetooth? Don't.

May 25, 2022 – Here is a recent article in Slashdot which discusses security problems with bluetooth-based systems. A hacker found a way to control bluetooth devices, including bluetooth-enabled smart locks and even Tesla’s! In addition, bluetooth uses a cellphone battery!

Tap2Open does not use bluetooth technology; the users’ phone uses cellular data to communicate with our servers which communicate with the gate; there is no direct connection between the smartphone and our gate controller.

In addition, bluetooth technology only operates within a very short range; that means that the user’s smart phone MUST be within close proximity to work. Tap2Open uses a different technology (geofencing) to control how close a phone must be to open a gate, and it can be adjusted according for an individual community.



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